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19 Seer Gold Series Single Zone Heat PumP Inverter 


  • Low Ambient Kit: Systems are capable of producing comfort heating to ambient outdoor temperatures as low as 5°F. 
  • Manual Switch - Power unit ON/OFF using manual switch button located at the evaporator. 
  • Display shows error codes based on system failure.
  • Display shows service codes if you have dirty filters.
  • Display will show error code if leak in the system is detected.
  • Display also alerts when unit goes into auto defrost.
  • Self-Diagnosis - unit will shut down and switch into protection if it detects abnormalities. The display will show an error code depending on the type of protection the unit is in. 
  • Bypass Mode - Unit will continue to operate if a NON-critical component fails, such as a sensor. 
  • 2-Way Draining - Option to place drain hose on left or right hand side of evaporator makes for flexible installation design. 
  • 3 Directional Airflow - Air flow is directed so that it reaches more surface area including the corners of the room being conditioned. 
  • Refrigerant Leak Detection - Error code is displayed at the indoor unit if there is a leak detected in the system. 
  • Mute Operation - Silence beep from remote control. 
  • Follow Me Function - Remote control has a sensor built in. In this mode, the unit will regulate the temperature at the remote control instead of at the evaporator for the set temperature. 



Comfortstar Outdoor unit 12KBTU 19 SEER

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