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Rectorseal 45016 Acid Away Pro

Rectorseal 45016 Acid Away Pro - 1.5 oz.

This is 1 - 1.5 oz container.

A unique chemical treatment for use in air conditioning and refrigeration systems that have experienced a burnout, or operating systems that are showing a buildup in acid content. It circulates quickly throughout the system and chemically neutralizes acids that are always left in an air conditioning or refrigeration system after a burnout occurs. Once neutralized, this acid can no longer continue its corrosive attack and cause another burnout.


NEW! Ready to use delivery method.

Compressor Burnout Acid Neutralizer

A Quick & Unique solution to removing and preventing acid buildup in A/C and refrigeration systems.

• Quick & easy to inject

• Disposable injector

• Safe for all oils

• Compressor parts safe

• Contractor preferred

• Same proven, chemical formulation

Rectorseal 45016 Acid Away Pro

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