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Good for 1 bath in warm climates.

The Titan N-85 tankless water hater is best suited for a small house or apartment with only one shower where there will not be any additional, simultaneous usage of hot water. This heater will provide hot water to a single location at a time in warm climates like south Florida and south Texas where the incoming water temperature is 75 to 80 degrees.

The space saving benefits are also undeniable. At 50 gallons, the standard 3 bedroom 2 bath conventional tank heater takes up about 20 cubic feet of space and weighs about 130lbs. The Titan N-85 tankless water heater takes up about .21 cubic feet and weighs only 6.4 pounds making it 80 times smaller than a conventional heater and making delivery, installation and service, a breeze.


  •  Made in the USA
  • Thermostatically control temp on front cover
  • 60% energy savings vs. conventional electric water heaters
  • 99.5% efficient
  • On demand water control- equals unit longevity and savings
  • For use with hard, soft, well or city water
  • Most efficient and practical product of its kind on the market
  • Steel outer / copper-brass inner casing
  • UL approved #499
  • ANSI-Z 10.03 certified
  • Dual heating chambers
  • 10 year warranty on water carrying components - 1 year on rest of unit


  • 30


    Money back or replacement (buyer's choice)

    Buyer pays for




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